Hi! I’m Cailin.


In Colder Weather  is a collection of words and pictures that tell the story of my life on a ranch in Montana. I hope you find here moments of inspiration from life under the Big Sky, as I have.

How I Got Here

In the spring of 2015, looking for adventure,  I applied for a job on a ranch in Montana. I quit my “real” job, packed everything I owned into the back of my tired old car, and moved myself across the country.

When I moved to Montana from Memphis, Tennessee, the plan was to stay in Big Sky Country for a year. One year to hike the mountains, ride the horses, meet the cowboys. One year to get my long fascination with the American West out of my system before returning to my career and my life in the urban South.

One year, six months, two dogs, and one cowboy (fiance!) later, and it looks like I’m here to stay.

Since making my home in Montana I’ve had lots of people curious about how I came to live on a ranch out west, what it’s like living in a cabin with no cell service, and how I survive a winter that lasts a solid six months out of the year. Life in Montana is simple and beautiful. If you’d like, follow my adventures in colder weather here.