Candle Making, or My First Successful Art Project 

Michael is a master in the wood shop. I can say “I would love more shelves in my bathroom,” and the next day he’s cut a log into shelves and worked whatever magic it is that makes a tree look like something else entirely.

I’ve always thought it would be fun to take on a wood project, but my history with arts and crafts hasn’t necessarily been strong. I’m kind of a “good enough” type of crafter, and I would not be surprised to find my creations made into a “Pinterest Fail” meme.

I finally got into the wood shop last weekend. I had seen a gorgeous wooden candle at Anthropologie and thought, “I could make that!” so sent Michael a picture of it. The next day he had carved the shape for my candle, and I decided to take on the rest as my first real wood shop project.

While six to eight inches of heavy, wet snow fell outside, Michael and I chipped and stained and glued and sanded to the heat of the woodstove roaring in the corner.

I carved out the center with a hammer and chisel. It was so satisfying to chip away at the wood, shavings flying. We had to glue in an extra chunk to fill in a gap that had been cut too deep. I was skeptical at first, but after the glue dried and we sanded it down it was impossible to tell that it was there. I’m still claiming this as my successful project, but Michael did help a lot along the way. I chose a dark walnut for the stain. We took an old pot from the kitchen and heated the wax over the stove. I bought a ten pound bag of natural soy wax for the project. These are the wicks I used. How glowy and pretty does it look in the cabin? Brie loves it, almost as much as I do. My very first successful art project (with plenty of help, of course). I’m kind of feeling inspired now…what’s next??

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