Ski Weekend Recap

Presidents’ Day weekend was one of those weekends that you need a weekend to recover from. My brother Connor was visiting from Washington D.C. and we made the most of his four days in Montana. From skiing to snowmobiling to fishing, it was a quintessential Big Sky vacation.

I am ashamed to say that despite the fact that this is my second winter in Big Sky, this was my first time skiing at Big Sky Resort. Since I competed in Nordic racing in high school I’ve always been more into skinny skiing than alpine, but this weekend I remembered why downhill skiing can be so addictive.
When we were kids my dad was a ski instructor at the Snow Bowl, the small but mighty ski mountain of Middlebury College in Vermont. I have the best memories of getting there really early in the morning, reading the Hobbit in the old library before the lifts opened (the best part about a college owned ski area is the library room right there on the mountain). My siblings and I would take to the hills by ourselves, skiing all day long, breaking only for cheeseburgers at lunch time. I was thrown back to this time while skiing at Big Sky with Connor, only this time our lunch also included Bloody Marys.
Thanks for visiting Connor, and for taking my down some black diamonds. Come back soon!

Obviously the weekend started (and ended) with cheese.

Good taste runs in the family…we realized as we were suiting up that we have the EXACT SAME ski hat.


Chairlift beers, chairlift cheers.

Michael took us out on snowmobiles on Sunday morning. Once the fog cleared the views were amazing!

Check that suit, huh? Surprisingly, Arctic Cat did not sponsor this post.

On Monday we got to meet up with our cousin Bo who is in school at MSU. Who would have guessed these three Vermont kids would find their way west? Thanks for hanging out with us, Bo!

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