Birthday Day! 

I’ve been putting off writing about the day of my birthday because that means acknowledging that it’s over. While I’ll continue to celebrate throughout the month, I’m always sad when the day passes and I have to wait 364 more days until it comes again.
It was such a special birthday and I received messages of love from so many people. Michael went out of his way all weekend to spoil me, and I feel so blessed to start my 27th year this way. The day started exactly as I wished it would. Sleeping late, apple fritters and cronuts, coffee, Facetimig my twin.This guy came by to wish me a happy birthday! Cupcakes were for lunch (and snack, and dinner…) It was clearly a nutritious start to 27.

In the evening Michael surprised me with a Sleigh Ride Dinner! We arrived at the trailhead bundled up, ready for an hour and a half ride through the wilderness to a remote mountain cabin. The sleighs were heated by woodstoves, and they actually got so warm! We rose most of the way in the front, covered by blankets, snow falling on us, chatting with our driver and the two other couples in our sleigh. Our driver let Michael take the reins for a bit and drive Jessie James and Frank (our team) through the snow. Up at the cabin guests milled around and sampled appetizers. The sleigh drivers became servers, dishing up hot bowls of tomato soup and more crusty bread than the lot of us could ever eat (though not for lack of trying). 

All of the food…the prime rib, salmon, corn on the cob, mushrooms, and potatoes…was cooked in this 19th century wood stove.

It was a magical night and the best end to the Birthday day.

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