6 Birthday Traditions to Kick Off Birthday Month

Ask me what my favorite day of the year is. Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s February 3rd. My birthday.
Technically it’s not just my birthday. My identical twin sister and I share the day, and love it with equal zeal, taking care to extend the celebrations beyond the day itself into birthday month.
You might be thinking this is totally obnoxious, but hear me out. We’re not forcing anyone to fawn over us for the entire month of February (though all are welcome to!) but rather have given ourselves permission to celebrate being alive for longer than normal. A sort of, “I only drink champagne on two occasions, when it is my birthday and when it is not” approach to life. Stopping for a pastry on the way home from work…because Birthday Month! Skipping my gym workout to sleep in…because Birthday Month! Buying that pale pink nail polish I’ve been wanting…because Birthday Month! All ways I may or may not celebrate this year.

So today, February 1st, marks the first day of Birthday Month. Michael and I kicked it off last night with Thai food and chocolate cake. Here are 6 Birthday Traditions I look forward to every year.

1. Celebrating with Grady

Sadly, Grady and I have been apart for our birthday for the past few years. I can’t wait for the year that we are together again. When she was living in New York I would take the train from school and we’d have the best weekends, drinking Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity and having big birthday breakfasts at the diner near her apartment. Now we have to celebrate by posting multiple Instagrams dedicated to our Ride or Die, talking to each other first thing in the morning (“IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!!), sending sweet gifts, and eating two cupcakes instead of one in honor of our other half. Still hoping this is the year she gets on an airplane and surprises me…

2. Taking the Day Off
Don’t work on your birthday. Just don’t. Sleep in. Eat good food. Go outside and play. Don’t go to work.

3. Apple Fritters
This is a new tradition but one that I hope lives on. Last year Michael bought apple fritters and cronuts to have with coffee for Birthday Breakfast. We ate them in the truck on the way to Yellowstone park where (unbeknownst to me) he was about to propose! I’m looking forward to waking up to them on Friday.

4. Surprises
I know there are a lot of people who hate to be surprised, but I LOVE IT. One year my friends kidnapped me and took me to Nashville where about 8 of my friends were waiting in a house they’d rented for the weekend. Last year (best surprise EVER) Michael got down on one knee and gave me a diamond. In high school the ski team threw a surprise party in the wax room after school. Even if it’s not knowing the restaurant where we’re going to eat dinner…I want it to be a surprise.

5. Cards From My Mom
As long as I’ve lived away from home my mom has sent me multiple birthday cards in the mail. I love that they trickle in the week before, always in brightly colored envelopes with her unmistakable handwriting, a grand announcement to me and the postman that IT’S COMING.

6. The Birthday Outfit
The Birthday Outfit is a very important thing. In high school it included a tiara. Now there are fewer cubic zirconia crystals, but feeling like a fancy fancy princess is still the goal (more the Kate Middleton than Cinderalla type). I used to buy a full on outfit every year…sometimes for the party that night, other times to wear out and about. As I enter a new year of life I want to be representing my best self. Hey, 27. Give it your worst. Can’t knock this down. As I’m saving all of my outfit money for the wedding I didn’t buy a new one this year, but I already know in my head what I’m going to wear. And it’s fantastic.

Happy Birthday Month to all the February Birthdays out there! Let me know if I should add any fun traditions to the list. 

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