Wolf Tracks

Have you ever seen a fresh wolf track? They’re big—not like German Shepherd-big, but size-of-my-wide-stretched-hand-big. Imagine the dog that stands on those paws. Seeing these tracks snaking all over the ranch, and knowing that while we sleep a pack of wolves is  on the hunt, sends shivers down my spine.

I don’t remember having wolves like this last year, but this winter the tracks are everywhere and it’s hard to tell if it’s one really large, busy alpha or about 25 sneaky beasts creeping between the cabins. wolf3


Tracks twist across the hills and back into the ranch.

There are stories from locals about dogs being attacked right in the front yard. Of course this has made us paranoid about Brie and Fritz being outside. If I were a hungry wolf and I saw Brie I wouldn’t hesitate to pounce on that morsel. There’s a reason why she’s named after a soft, fatty, delicious wheel of cheese (hint: she’s soft, fatty, and delicious).


This weekend we did a lot of shooting at bottles, hoping that the sound of gunfire would scare them off the property.

What worries me most about the arrival of the wolves is that we haven’t seen the moose for over a week, and it’s possible they’ve been eaten. We went looking for carcasses  in the forest yesterday but didn’t happen upon any.

Despite the morbid reason for the hike, the gray day was warm and beautiful. Here are some pictures, if you’d like to see.


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