Weekend in Salt Lake City

One of my best friends happened to have an interview in Salt Lake City this weekend, so I took Friday off and drove down to spend some quality best friend time together. She’s living in Boston (studying at Harvard, so, very smart and cool and enlightened and I’m proud to call her one of mine) and I haven’t seen her since May…we had SO MUCH to catch up on, because no matter how many times you talk on the phone you can’t cover everything like you can in person while eating cheese fries, amiright?

The drive between Big Sky and Salt Lake City is absolutely GORGEOUS with the Tetons to your left and ranch after ranch of big ol’ black cows. I listened to the Kings of Leon album Walls over and over and drank lots of coffee and made it to SLC by noon…a quick but fun road trip through three beautiful states.

We had an amazing weekend together, eating everything we could, talking a mile a minute, snapping a thousand photos, and drinking plenty of pints of beer.

Did you know that in Utah you can’t buy drinks without also ordering something to eat? Basically it’s the LAW that you have to split an appetizer at every stop you make.

Here are a few of the pictures from the trip.   


The sun was rising over the Tetons as I crossed into Idaho. 



Of course our first stop was for cheeseburgers. We tried The Copper Onion which served the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had. 



The Beerhive…a great name for the place. 



We stayed in a pretty cute Air BnB within walking distance to everything downtown. 



As usual, cheese played a large part in our trip. 



Pastries. Coffee. Apple Cinnamon Custard French Toast.




Bye SLC!  Thanks for the memories! 



Sad to go, but not sad about getting back to Montana. 


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