Let’s Talk About Resolutions…

So, we’re a week in…how’re those resolutions working out for you? I’ll be honest. For the past 85 years or so I have set out into the new year with the resolution to diet, or work out more, or lose 5 pounds, or some sad version of “eat less of what you love.” Heading into wedding year I feel this pressure to be a small small bird 1000 times more, yet by January 3rd I hadn’t actually started cutting anything out and was not excited about heading into a year of attempted starvation.

Here’s the thing. Diets don’t work. Not for me, at least. Because every week I find myself thinking “I’ll start again on Monday” and then Monday comes and I’m really “good” and then Friday comes and I’m FAMISHED and eating entire tubs of ice cream.This year, during an airport layover, I read a book that changed a lot of my thinking about the relationship that women have with food. Not everything in it resonated with me but overall I found it enlightening. I’m not going to summarize it here (go read it if you’re already struggling with your resolutions!), but it has inspired my amended resolutions for 2017, which follow:

1) I will eat what makes me feel good. When I listen to my body, it turns out I know what I’m actually craving, and usually that is nutritious food. Bread doesn’t make me feel good. Sugar doesn’t make me feel good. Arugula? My body loves that stuff.

2) That being said, I will eat chocolate and drink wine when I want. Not just because it’s Friday or just because I deprived myself of it for 48 whole hours or just because I ran 7 miles and burned it off anyway, but because it tastes good and sometimes that is what I need. It’s about balance here.

3) I will eat more plants. Plants are good for my skin and my hair and my heart and I really value all three of those.

Did you make any resolutions this year? Was eating healthier one of them?

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