The First Few Days

I have a new theory, and this is it: the year is only as good as the meal you ring it in with.

Maybe this is less a theory than a hope, because on New Year’s Eve I enjoyed one of the best meals of my life: bleu cheese crème brûlée with duck and arugula, roasted pheasant atop savory bread pudding, dirty martinis with extra olives and, for dessert, peppermint stick mudpie. The tight black dress I wore into dinner was much, much tighter on my way out, and I wasn’t even mad about it.

So here’s hoping that the rest of the year is as rich, as gorgeous, as world-rocking, as expectation defying, as unequivocally good as that meal.

The remainder of the weekend was blessedly quiet, we barely left the ranch. Here are some pictures from the first few days, if you’d like to see. 


I got Michael (really, me) a milk frother for Christmas. As if I needed an excuse to drink more coffee. 


Brie watching the snow fall. 



We’re expecting a cold front this week so wood splitting was a weekend chore we had to get done. 



Out for a quick ski.


New Year’s resolution: more vegetables. 


New year’s resolution: more champagne on Mondays. 


I hope you had a wonderful few days of rest and that your New Year is off to a great start. Happy 2017!

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