So What Now?

It happens to me every year after Christmas…I’m high on sugar and Silver Bells, bathing in the glow of twinkle lights and tinsel, caught up in ribbons and wrapping, when suddenly December 26th hits and it’s all over. Back to work, back to a diet more substantial than cocktails and cookies, back to a quiet house, all guests gone home leaving behind only a lonely toothbrush and warm memories.

Okay, that sounds dramatic, but the truth is I’m feeling really sad about the end of the season. I know that as soon as I get back into my routine everything will be fine. By tomorrow I’ll probably be talking about how great it is to have nowhere to go, how blessedly quiet everything is and how I finally found the time to fold my laundry and read my book.

But tonight, here’s how I’m combatting this post-Christmas feeling:

A Workout I actually looked forward to working out today. There is something so cleansing about sweating. Like Elle Woods said, exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.

A Nutritious Dinner My mind might be telling me, “Eat more chocolate! It will make you feel happy!” but my body is screaming at me to fill it with protein and fresh vegetables. I’ve lived on a diet of sugar, cheese, and liquor for the past week and frankly, I feel awful.I’m a firm believer in food as medicine and am pretty sure that after a healthy dinner I’ll actually sleep well, wake up rested, and have skin that looks a little brighter than the sallow mess I rocked today.

A Book Before Bed I’m guilty of falling asleep while browsing Instagram. Tonight I’m planning to unplug and just read. Not only is the book I’m reading really, really good, but laying in bed scrolling through vacation pictures/food pictures/family pictures is probably not the best for my spirit right now. 

A Spicy Candle What’s better than reading in the glow of cinnamon scented candlelight? Not a lot.

Puppies People do studies on how dogs are the best things in the world, and I’m here to corroborate these findings.

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