6 Days ‘Til Christmas!

Can you believe we have less than a week until Christmas? As it always seems to, the Christmas season has flown by, and I still feel like there are a thousand things that I want to do before it’s over, like listening to Christmas songs, watch more Hallmark Christmas movies, and bake cookies to take to the neighboring ranches. I know everything isn’t going to happen like I want it to, but I’m focusing on enjoying the final week of my favorite season of the year and closing out 2016 with family.weekend14

We picked up Michael’s mom and sister from the airport on Saturday. This is their first time seeing our home, so it’s been really exciting having them here! Of course the Great White North welcomed these poor Texans with temperatures hitting 33 below on Saturday morning. We figured out that between leaving Dallas and landing in Bozeman they were experiencing a 100 degree change in temperature. We made it out a little over the weekend but have really been enjoying sitting around the wood stove, playing games, watching Christmas movies, and eating A LOT.weekend1weekend2The weekend started with waffles for sustenance. It was my first chance to use my new Christmas plates that my mom sent to me. They’re all adorable, but of course the fox is my favorite.weekend10Yesterday we drove all around Big Sky, showing off parts of our little town.We were spoiled with bright, clear skies and perfect views of the mountains as we started our drive.weekend9weekend8weekend5The historic Cinnamon Ranger Station is abandoned now but still in great condition. I dream of buying this and fixing it up with a giant kitchen and loft bedrooms.weekend11weekend6weekend7Blue skies quickly turned grey, giving us a monochrome landscape as we drove around town center playing tour guides, eventually making our way up Lone Peak toward the resort.  Even the Montanans in the group got too cold after walking around up top for a while so we headed back down the mountain in search of a late lunch.beer.jpg

The afternoon back at the ranch was relaxing and cozy. Despite the freezing temperatures we took the dogs for a quick ski, then sat around eating chocolate, reading books, and waiting for dinner to be ready. 

Michael made the most delicious dinner of  salmon and truffle parmesan potatoes and after we played cards and drank cocktails until everyone was falling asleep at the table.weekend13weekend12weekend4weekend15weekend16There is so much that we want to do while we have family here, but we’d need a month, not a week, to check everything off the list. I’m looking forward to a wonderful rest of the week as we wind down to Sunday. 6 days to go!

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