Call Me Old Fashioned

My favorite, favorite cocktail of choice is the classic Old Fashioned.

Last winter, to help pass the time, we decided to go out in search of the best Old Fashioned that the Gallatin Canyon had to offer. It was a fun way to force ourselves into trying new restaurants, and usually the bartenders upped their game when we told them they were part of an informal contest. We toasted our engagement with Old Fashioneds and cheeseburgers in West Yellowstone and welcomed my mom to town with homemade ones in our kitchen. I even went with an Old Fashioned theme for Michael’s birthday and made this print a part of our kitchen decor. old5

It makes the average Thursday feel special when you’re cocktailing out of gilded glass while dinner is on the stove.

Burning the orange peel slightly caramelizes the oils and enhances the flavor. Or that’s what they say, I can’t really tell the difference but it’s fun to do either way.old3

old4Muddle the sugar, cherries, orange peel, and bitters. old2Here’s the most important step…add bourbon.

Also, the ice balls are key. They don’t dilute your drink too much and feel SO much fancier than ice cubes. I found these ice molds and am really into them. I need about 10 more so I can have a constant supply of spherical ice in my freezer.

old1Whether you’re enjoying your drink out of a monogrammed glass or a solo cup, I hope you’re toasting to a wonderful week!

 Here’s my favorite recipe (except I use three cherries, not one) for Old Fashioneds. 



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