Winter Bucket List

November marked a year and a half since I moved to Montana and even though I’ve taken every opportunity to explore I feel like there’s so much that I haven’t done here.  One of the best things about moving to a new place is the chance to be a tourist in your new home, and I plan to take advantage of these long winter months to do just that. 

Here’s what I hope to check off before next spring:   

1)      Go on a Sleigh Ride Dinner

In Montana it’s popular to ride horse drawn sleighs to a cabin in the middle of the woods, drink wine, sing cowboy songs,  and eat prime rib by candlelight. We’re hoping to be a part of this one next week.

2)      Go Alpine Skiing 

I know it’s crazy, but I live in Big Sky and have yet to ski Lone Peak. I grew up skiing in Vermont but am more attached to nordic skiing, so haven’t been downhill in years.  My brother is coming out here to ski in February and I’m going to take a few days off to go with him.

3)      Visit Yellowstone Park 

I LOVE Yellowstone Park. It is always miraculous to me. We went last February for my birthday (the day we got engaged!) and I couldn’t believe how magical it was frozen and covered with snow. I’d love to go again this year.

4)      Learn to use the Telescope 

Last spring Michael bought a telescope and we have yet to take it out of the box.  The winter sky is unreal out here. I would love to bundle up, find higher ground, and search the night sky for some twinkling constellations.

5)      Ice Skate in Town Center

Big Sky’s Town Center boasts a beautiful outdoor skating rink. Doesn’t it sound fun to go skating and have hot chocolate, surrounded by the twinkly lights of town?

6)      Soak in the Norris Hot Springs

Called “The Water of the Gods,” the Norris Hot Springs are like naturally occuring hot tubs. Soaking in hot springs is a tradition dating back to the Native Americans, and is said to be restorative. I’d love to be soaking in the middle of a snow storm.

7)      Eat Dinner at the Sacajawea Hotel

I first saw the Sacajawea Hotel last fall on the way home from the rodeo in Dillon, Montana. We stopped and sat on the porch and pretended to be fancy. It’s such a beautiful and historic old Hotel, and I think it would be great fun to get dressed up and have steak by the fireplace one night.

8)      Race in Rendezvous

I haven’t competed in a Nordic race in ages, but the Rendezvous Ski Festival in West Yellowstone seems like a good way to break in my spandex. Equally fun as it is competitive, the theme this year is ’80’s Hair Band…I can work with that.

9)      Go to a Bozeman Icedogs Hockey Game

One question: Do they serve beer?

10)   Road Trip to Helena

I’m curious about what the capital has to offer, and I’m always game for a road trip!

What’s on your bucket list this winter?

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