Sunday Ski

The ranch got hit with a whiteout storm which made for great movie-watching yesterday and even better skiing today. Thirteen degrees and fresh powder gave us perfect, glide-y conditions. It was fun to break trail down Sage Creek, exploring further than we have yet this winter. Sadly we didn’t see any animals but the trail was covered with wind-blown footprints of coyotes and little foxes.

Ol’ Frost-Beard Fritz. ski2

Brie was waiting on us at a bend in the trail. ski3Don’t you think this pile would make for a great full moon bonfire in the forest?

ski5Rosy cheeked and a little (a lot) sweaty. ski1On the way home it looked like another storm was coming.ski6Back at the ranch we warmed up with tea and cookies (and also a beer, not pictured). ski4I hope you got outside for a little exploring this weekend! Or at least had the chance to eat cookies and beer.

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