Maple Hot Toddies

We finally got snow this week, accompanied by negative temperatures, just in time for December. Winter is here! Wool socks, homemade turkey soup, and hot toddies have been the business of the week, and I’m not mad about it.

My friend Gretchen visited last year and, like a true Vermonter, introduced me to the idea of using maple syrup in a hot toddy instead of honey. Sounds good, right? It is. 

 I had a couple of these Maple Toddies before making Michael’s birthday cake on Monday night, which is probably why it turned out being the ugliest cake in the world (but SO DELICIOUS).

A few fun twists on the Maple Hot Toddy, for your cold Thursday night.

The Vermont Maple Hot Toddy

The Chili Maple Bourbon Hot Toddy

The Ginger Maple Hot Toddy

Cheers, and happy December 1st!

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